Proteus Flow


Full-custom asynchronous design has for some time now offered a means of achieving low-latency and high-throughput. However, its application has been somewhat limited by a labor-intensive design cycle, involving many levels of manual circuit decomposition and physical design that require highly-specialized designers. Proteus is a new asynchronous ASIC CAD flow that enables the automatic synthesis, sizing, and physical design of high-level specifications in communicating sequential processes to GHz silicon, greatly reducing design time and enabling far wider use of asynchronous design.

The flow’s target is 2-3X higher performance than typically possible for synchronous counterparts, namely 1.1GHz in TSMC 65nm. It is based on a proprietary cell library of domino logic and asynchronous control cells, small collections of gates sized, layed out, and characterized as single library cells,  designed to implement robust high-performance pipelined circuits [4]. The Proteus flow leverages both synchronous synthesis and place-and-route tools and supports as a starting point both legacy RTL as well as System Verilog with custom-build interfaces for modeling asynchronous communication primitives akin to communicating sequential processes (CSP).


More details of the FloW can be found in the following articles.

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Asynchronous Design in the News

ASYNC 2016 will be held May 8-11 in Porto Alegre Brazil. Peter Beerel is PC-Co-Chair.

Peter Beerel gives Keynote Lecture "Blade - A Path towards Average-Case Silion via Bundled-Data Resilient Design" at Chip-In 2015 in Bahia, Brazil. (Slides are available here.) 

Group co-authors 3 paper at ASYNC 2016 and 5 papers at ASYNC 2014. Merhdad wins 2014 Best Paper Award! See publications for details.